Waking Aphrodite is more than a burlesque and variety show. It's a movement and celebration of women - compelling them to realize their birthright of an unfettered, celebratory life by waking their goddess within. 

The Resource page has pillars which represent the multiple facets of a woman's - and a man's - life. Within that page is a library Melissa has utilized on one level or another to support her in her journey of waking the goddess within.

We will continue to add to that library and make it available to everyone - gratis - who wants to answer the call to that too long-silenced whisper that says, "It's time...wake up."


Melissa is a divorced mother of five children with a resume which includes work as a waitress, banquet manager, assistant marketing director, consultant, Mary Kay consultant, aesthetician, key hair and makeup artist in independent film and even has a credit in Vogue Spain.

After her stint in independent film, Melissa returned to college at Utah State University and was named their first Media Scholar.

A couple of months after graduating she moved to Park City to work as a reporter for their public radio station covering city council and planning commission meetings. 

Though she loved her work and the community she served - something more was calling to her and if you know Melissa - you know she jumps in with both feet. So, she left her career in public radio in search of that "something more" in Nov. 2018.

Fourteen months later she launched this platform on January 11, 2020.

Her purpose is to bring Waking Aphrodite to everyone near and far - inspiring and encouraging her audience by walking the talk.

On the subject of reinvention, she has said, "I wanted to reinvent myself and thought I had to change everything. What I discovered is first, its not a reinvention - its a remembering. And second, the only thing I had to change was my narrative. Once I did that - everything fell into place."

You can also hear more about Waking Aphrodite on the podcast, "Loving the F," the show that redefines the forbidden.

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